My Heart Skipped A Beat!

While driving home on Sunday afternoon, my heart instantly skipped a beat as this beautiful scenery revealed itself to me. I knew sunset was quickly approaching; however, I didn’t expect my heart to be captured this quickly. Mom and I were cruising and chatting.    As I navigated the jeep down the hill and around the […]

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Dominica’s Natewel

If you’re journeying from point A to B with several options of some paths being quiet and empty, whilst others are bustling and lively, which would you choose? My choice is one with life and the opportunity to see or discover something new. Today, whilst walking a more scenic route in town towards my destination, […]

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The Thoughts of a Wanderlust

  Are you doing what makes your happy? Are you being inspired to live your life to the fullest? Are you simply going with the flow or living someone else’s vision of your life? Do you want to change that in 2016? As I’ve been going through life, I’ve become more aware of what makes […]

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