Happy International Women’s Day

As our faces differ, so do our bases; From various EN-DS of the earth, IN-terconnected by our biological composition. Though our stories vary, there IS much to unite us! At times we may be battered, bruised, misused and abused Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially. No one should experience these whether it’s from – Male or Female, […]

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Siem Reap’s Flame of Memories

Nostalgia takes over when I contemplate on the experience during the time this picture was taken. Though it was almost two years ago, it still feels like yesterday.  It was the final full day of our Siem Reap, Cambodia experience.  We awoke before 5am to prepare for pickup by our tuktuk driver, catch the sunrise […]

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5 Tips for Solo Travelers

  Put on your invincible attitude Confidence is key in journeying solo. Don’t let fear overtake you. Embrace and enjoy your time and the world is a beautiful place to be discovered. Even when you feel like you are lost or in trouble or facing an extremely challenging moment, remain assertive. In the end it […]

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