5 Tips for Solo Travelers


  1. Put on your invincible attitude

Confidence is key in journeying solo. Don’t let fear overtake you. Embrace and enjoy your time and the world is a beautiful place to be discovered. Even when you feel like you are lost or in trouble or facing an extremely challenging moment, remain assertive. In the end it will all be ok and these moments will make your stronger and will become memories of conquering the world.


  1. Leave a trail

Keep your family and friends updated during your trip. You can give them an itinerary so that they can be aware of where your will be.  You may not blast all your information to everyone, but trust someone to share with them where you will be in case anything goes wrong. At your hotel room, you may also want to leave a note of where you are going, who you will meet and when you expect to be back. Should you not return, at least there will be a trail to find you.


  1. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself

There are certain actions which draw attention to one’s self. These will highlight the fact that you’re traveling alone which may bring unwanted attention. If you are not paying adequate attention to your surrounding and constantly staring at your phone, this is exactly when thieves can strike. Again, always look confident even when you are not feeling that way. You must ensure to protect your belongings.

Don’t be flashy with expensive items, jewelry and gadgets. You can dress casually according to the local culture and take a bit of time to observe how the locals interact. In so doing, you can blend in seamlessly where necessary.


  1. Ask for help

If you are lost on your trip, find your way to the nearest restaurant or shop to ask the store owner for directions. They will most likely point you in the right direction.
If you feel endangered such as if someone is following you around, tell a police officer. If they are not easily accessible, find a restaurant or shop owner that you are being followed. They will most likely assist in keeping you safe and even get in in touch with the local police.

  1. Make adequate preparations before leaving

One may not feel the need to plan every single detail of a trip; however, there are certain aspects which should be planned. You may want to plan how to take advantage of daylight when you are alone as it is much easier to see during the day and can accomplish quite a lot.

It is also important to plan how to protect your belongings on your trip. You may want to place your important belonging such as passport and wallet in a money belt underneath your shirt for ease of access to you but out of sight and reach of pickpockets.

It is also vital to purchase and insurance in case of interruptions, cancellations, injury, illness or damage to baggage or even a rental car.




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