Siem Reap’s Flame of Memories

Nostalgia takes over when I contemplate on the experience during the time this picture was taken. Though it was almost two years ago, it still feels like yesterday. 


It was the final full day of our Siem Reap, Cambodia experience.  We awoke before 5am to prepare for pickup by our tuktuk driver, catch the sunrise at the temple and spend the day exploring different temples and ruins.

Though the sun was scorching during the day, the temples provided much needed shade. We explored at our own pace, opting for self guided tours as opposed to trekking speedily through the ruins with limited time for solo exploration. My friend and I both had moments of exploring together and also of solo exploration of the temples so that we gain our inspiration and experience in a personalized manner.

When we met up, we were naturally each other’s photographer; however, at various intervals we would meet foreign Non-Asian travelers who we took pictures for and they returned the favor. This in particular was taken by a young American professional who was exploring parts of Asia with his other friends from University. 

It’s amazing how the memories flood back as nostalgia ignites the flame of memories of my Siem Reap experience.  This is exactly why I encourage others to spend on experiences and travel as opposed to things. Spend on new experiences which teach, inspire and propel you for greatness.  This is what will keep you going when all else looses value.

Dream, Experience, Live!


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