Lost and Found in Zhangjiajie

Often times, we journey to certain destination but the journey may not go as planned. This is what happened on my visit to Zhangjiajie. From our entry into this mountain town, I fell in love! As we entered over the main bridge, I saw women washing in the river. Washing in the river in China? […]

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Zhangjiajie, A Pleasant Surprise

I expected to view the Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie but I never expected that the total experience would be so amazing! From climbing hundreds of steps to visit the Yellow Dragon Cave, to taking a boat inside the cave and still climbing hundreds more was sooo amazing. Visiting Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was also a […]

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In Difference is Unity

We come from different backgrounds and countries but we are still unified as one people. We are similar as human beings having blood running through our veins.  When we meet people from different cultures, do we insist on our own or are we open to learn and share? From this recent group, I’ve learnt from […]

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