Wave Intelligence

I’ve been on the lookout for a lesson as I begin a new birth year of my life. It was amazing how this became plain to me when I least expected it.

As I sat on the shore of Mero beach looking at the sunset with the waves rolling up the sand, some of the waves decided to keep a distance and wave at me, whilst others were so brave that they ran up the shore and greeted my entire body. The waves’ hugs were quite refreshing so I stayed for more and indeed, I got more.


I looked at the waves recede into the sea and thought of several lessons related to God’s blessings.

  1. The waves always come to the shore. There is no doubt that they will rise upon the shore. In the same way, God always blesses us. There is no doubt in my mind that despite the situations we face, some blessing will always make its way into our lives.
  2. The waves are never the same pattern. Based on the wind, gravity, surface, and other elements, they ways are varied in design. God’s blessings are never the same and we should not expect it to be the same. They come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, speed, etc. This makes life unique and always a thrilling journey. If we knew what to expect, how mundane life would be.
  3. As the waves never reach the same height, for some will stay at the bottom of the shore, while others rise to the top of the shore. Our blessings could seem minuscule and other times it could seem bountiful. Sometimes, what seem like a little blessing is sufficient for us and God is knowledgeable of that. Other times, God sees that we need a lot more so He blesses us immensely.
  4. The waves reach higher when the sea is rougher. Our blessings are indeed greater through our trials. We may wonder…why is the sea so rough? We may also complain through our trials but by doing so, we look at only one aspect of our situation. When we see the whole picture, we will see that our blessings will bring higher waves. This is quite phenomenal.

20150412_175350When I realized that in sitting on the shore, God was actually sending me a message through nature, my heart was overwhelmed with joy that I could actually receive such message and be able to share with you. These lessons have been shown 2 days into this New Year.

There are tremendous lessons out there for us which speaks to the very core of our souls. We must be still in order to grasp the lessons. .

Daily, ensure to take some time to calm your mind and heart to receive a word which will impact your existence, influence and future.


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