I see a happily ever after…  

I see a happily ever after. 
There is something thrilling about an empty town. To some, it may seem spooky, empty, dread amd dreary, but to me, it’s the best place for creativity, exploration, inspiration and amazing captures.  
Walking the streets of Roseau towards my destination, there were hardly humans or even animals. 
One may wonder, Where did everyone go to? Am I the only one living in the world? Will I soon be captured like everyone else? 
I’m walking with a smile and thinking of how I can make this humid Sunday’s walk more memorable. It should be noted that since there are hardly humans, there are hardly any public buses to move in any direction. 
So for my memorable walk, should I pass Hanover Street or Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard? Which is most picturesque? I began walking through like I was in a maze. 
I went straight, then left on to another street, back the same way, cut across another street for more beauty. I think I fell in love today. 

Like any relationship, it is not without it’s challenges. Roseau’s got it’s challenges but we have to make this work. We love despite the quirks. If we hated whenever we’re faced with a quirk, the relationship will never last. We can’t just use it for what it offers and not contribute to its betterment.  
Imagine receiving and account with money and withdrawing from an account but never depositing. What happens after a while? It becomes empty and useless without. 
I see a need to improve this beautiful relationship. Let’s see how we can make Roseau into this best partner, whether it’s an active day or a calm one. 
I see a happily ever after.  


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